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  • This is without a doubt a precious oil

    This is without a doubt a precious oil and is one of the best fats. This oil is known to slow down the cancer process thanks to its anti-oxidant properties 100 % pure & virgin extra Origin : Taounate, Morocco MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (12 items/box)

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  • Nigella is a miraculous plant which

    Nigella is a miraculous plant which treats various ailments. It is known for its many medicinal properties. It stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system. Nigella oil is also used for its cosmetics benefits. 100 % pure & natural  Extraction without solvent MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (30 items/box)

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  • Nicknamed the Gold of the desert, argan

    Nicknamed the Gold of the desert, argan oil is a rare and precious product. Rich in vitamin E, its natural composition gives it nourishing, regenerative and skin restructuring qualities. It also gives natural, radiant beauty to your hair 100 % pure & natural BIO certification from our supplier MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (30 items/box)

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  • This 100 % natural soap cleanses the

    This 100 % natural soap cleanses the skin and removes impurities. Mixed with eucalyptus, it offers many benefits to the skin. MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (20 items/box)

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  • An excellent skin moisturiser, aloe vera

    An excellent skin moisturiser, aloe vera essential oil stimulates cell regeneration It provides  the skin with vitamins and trace elements which are essential to its beauty.  Its nourishing properties make it an unbeatable haircare product.  100 % pure & natural Extractation without solvent

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  • Renowned worldwide for its dietary

    Renowned worldwide for its dietary qualities and used for centuries by Berber women for its food properties, Argan oil has become essential. Its benefits to health are uncountable, thanks to its levels of vitamins A, C and E 100 % BIO & virgin extra Origin : Agadir, Morocco MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (16 items/box)

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  • Also called Green Gold, olive oil is

    Also called Green Gold, olive oil is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E. It is renowned for its many benefits, particularly its anti-ageing properties. It is a powerful ally against pain, cell oxidation and even tumours.100 % pure & natural Extraction without solvent

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  • Known as a succulent breakfast or

    Known as a succulent breakfast or tea-time treat for its sweet taste, this natural spread called "Amlou" is a South-Moroccan specialty made from Argan oil, ground almonds and honey.  Thanks to its rich content of vitamin E, it is said to have energetic, aphrodisiac, regenerative and stimulant virtues. MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (24 items/box)

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  • A traditional, must-have recipe rich in

    A traditional, must-have recipe rich in vitamin E which is perfect for all skin types. Black soap is prepared from a mixture of oil and ground black olives. MINIMUM OF ORDER : 1 box (30 items/box)

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